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very frustrated at this because i just spent 300 dollars for other multiple graphic fix problems for my mac just 3 months ago.


this morning i woke up to my macbook pro screen being just black while the rest of the computer is functioning (when i restart it i can hear it start up, DVD drive and the keyboard lights work), i brought it in to tiger tech (mizzou tech store) where they tried to do the Command + Option + P and R option and it did not fix it. I then called mac and we tried that again as well as they gave me a different set of buttons to press which still did not work. When i plug it into a computer cord it will pull up on a different screen but not it's own... apple said it would be 600 to fix but i have a macbook pro 15 in from 2010 and i have been googling the issue and seeing a lot of things i find that should really render this something they fix for free.

http://www.macobserver.com/tmo/article/apple_working_on_black_screen_problem_for _mid_2010_macbook_pro
that article in particular


as well as other people mentioning the exact same problem except from 2010 and they had theirs fixed for free.


MacBook Pro, iOS 7.0.1
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    i know that the three year's is up but it also upsets me that i just spent so much to fix it and this problem is occuring almost exactly a week after those fixes warranty are up....


    just curious if anyone has any suggestions