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I don't print emails. I copy and paste them into Word and Filemaker.


In one stroke I can copy the Sender/Receiver/Subject and of course the Date and Time received.


Hang on. Not the date, in Mavericks. Not any more!


Because the Genius who re-worked Mail for Mavericks said:


"Hey we'll display the date and time on screen. Everyone needs the Date and Time!


"But...when they go to copy that, No date and time for you, buddy.


"You can copy everything else. The header details. The body. The tail. Of course you can.


"Whaddya want the date for? I've never needed to copy that. Ever.


Please...someone with business experience at Apple...please....


Let us copy the date with everything else, like we always have in the past.


We have to track our jobs; and dates/times are critical.


Who said What to Whom. And WHEN!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.1)
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    I totally agree with the frustration. I often have need to copy and paste the basic header info – and 'basic' includes the date.


    Before Mavericks version of Mail (curently v7.2) I could copy and paste in a flash.


    The current workaround is very cubersome: manually type every character of the date.


    Even turning on full headers does not allow the date to be copied. This must be fixed. Doesn't anyone have a fix? perhaps some esoteric code in Termnal to turn on the copying of the date along with everything else?


    How was this major oversight missed?