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With the latest update of Safari for the PC, when I tried to open up an Embedded PDF file Safari would crash. I found somewhere that this was an known issue with Apple and Safri handling Embedded PDF files. However, after months, I still see no fix. I uninstalled the latest update of Safari completly. I rebooted my system and then I had an older version from 2012 of Safari where this issue wasn't happening. Well, now Safari doesn't crash and the Embedded PDF file shows up for a few seconds and then disapears. Safari tries to re-load the page but with no success. So I have to just go to another URL. Most all of the help is for a Mac or iMac in plug-ins support for this. However, I do not see where Adobe Acrobat is even there in some library (wherever that might be on a PC) to delete any lines. I have also read that people who have tried that didn't help them on their Mac. Has anyone had any success in a fix for this issue? Is Apple really looking to fix this bug? I loved Safari once I got used to it and now I am stuck with Chrome as my base browser because at least it works. Not a wonderful browser like Safari USED to be.


Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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