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With the latest update of Safari for the PC, when I tried to open up an Embedded PDF file Safari would crash. I found somewhere that this was an known issue with Apple and Safri handling Embedded PDF files. However, after months, I still see no fix. I uninstalled the latest update of Safari completly. I rebooted my system and then I had an older version from 2012 of Safari where this issue wasn't happening. Well, now Safari doesn't crash and the Embedded PDF file shows up for a few seconds and then disapears. Safari tries to re-load the page but with no success. So I have to just go to another URL. Most all of the help is for a Mac or iMac in plug-ins support for this. However, I do not see where Adobe Acrobat is even there in some library (wherever that might be on a PC) to delete any lines. I have also read that people who have tried that didn't help them on their Mac. Has anyone had any success in a fix for this issue? Is Apple really looking to fix this bug? I loved Safari once I got used to it and now I am stuck with Chrome as my base browser because at least it works. Not a wonderful browser like Safari USED to be.


Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Windows 8, Safari
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    Check Macintosh HD and remove Adobe plug ins if any.


    Macintosh HD > Library > Internet Plug-ins






    Make sure that Plug-ins are allowed first.


    Safari > Preference > Secuirity

    Allow Plug-ins



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    Thanks, but this did not help. I do not have any Adobe plug-ins that you refer to or any of the others that I have read about to remove. The only ones with that extension are for iTunes. So my next question would be, do I need to ADD any specific plug-ins? In safari I do not have any "Extensions" added. Is there something I am missing here?



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      Delete Safari .plist file.


      Quit all applications.

      Hold the option key down and click the "Go" menu in the Finder menu bar.


      Select "Library" from the drop down.


      Library > Preferences >  com.apple.Safari.plist


      Right click on it and select "Move To Trash".


      Restart. Relaunch Safari.  Test

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    Thanks dominic23 but I do not, again have a Mac as I am on a PC. This did not help as I have no such file. I even searhed for *.plist and there is only one for iTunes Catalog and some other INFO files. If they are hidden, where would they be residing in the PC tree structure? I even searched for a Library folder and no results.


    I would think that even though I am on a PC that Safari would install basically the same files??

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    OK. Problem is with Safari for Windows.


    Apple, not announced but  stopped supporting Safari for Windows.


    So this kind of problems can crop up.


    It is better to consider another browser for your needs.




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    Thank you dominic23. This is sad to hear that Apple is no longer supporting Safari with Windows and will never put out a fix for this issue. However, knowing that I will not spend any more of my valuable time trying to find any type of work around or problem solving. This is kind of like Apple not supporting "Flash" with their iPad and iPhones. They need to continue working on a solution to solve that issue; come to some kind of an agreement with Adobe.


    Thanks again for your help and support on this issue.