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I am running logic9 and don't want to upgrade to X yet, but my writing partner is using LogicX and we haven't been able to figure out how to open Projects and share between us on DropBox.  All we can do is pass audio files back and forth. Any thoughts?

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    Just another thought..... according to this




    "When you open an older project in Logic Pro X it does not change the original project in any way. Instead, a new copy in the Logic Pro X project format is created which leaves the original project in place. You can continue to work with the original project in the version of Logic it was last saved in if you want." 


    Does this mean the 9 project will open with the changes made in X, if it's just adding audio files to the arrange?

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    No, it means the original 9 project is unchanged.  Changes made in X would be a new version.  It would be similar to if you had a project called "My song" and you made changes and saved it as "My song version 2."  If you open "My song" the changes saved in "My song version 2" aren't going to be there.