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I have a 15" PB G4 that I've had for about two years. Completely up to date on all software updates. Over the past few months, on occassion when I would open the cover after it had been asleep it would not wake up. Over the past couple of days, however, this has become consistent.

The computer is plugged it, so it should not be a battery issue. Also, when it goes into sleep mode normally the heat issue goes away as it does not consume much power, but now it gets very hot when it is supposedly in sleep mode. In addition, I notice that the pulsating light goes out after a period of time, so for some reason it seems to be going out of sleep mode and into some kind of freeze, but with the computer active because it gets hot.

I did read on an Apple help page that if it wakes up to a gray screen this could indicate USB conflicts, but if it just shows a black screen then you need to contact an Apple technicnian. Any ideas out there? Thanks!

Robert Turner

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