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Is it normal to lose 10 - 15% battery power when 13" MacBook Air (purchased new in fall 2013) has been powered off for 7 seven days?  Li-ion batteries are supposed to retain their battery charge when devices are powered off; that 10 - 15 % loss seems like a lot for one week.  On the other hand, my 2013 iPad does not have this problem. Thanks for any info submitted.                                                  

MacBook Air, OS X Mavericks (10.9.2)
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    OFF or sleep mode?

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    only 3 possibles.



    1. extremely high humidity or heat (unlikely Im assuming).


    2. Defective pack cell in the battery assy. (which wouldn't be the case if it JUST started happening)





    3, Youve been abusing the chemistry of the battery and now its a bit on the 'tortured' side lets say..........



    1. did you often drain the battery very low?


    2. did you often /always have your macbook on charge,......or did you often / always BOTH have your macbook on charge AND in sleep mode?



    1 or 2 are harsh on the battery chemistry and therefore its longevity


    all batteries are consumables meant to replaced either in their own "due time" or early due to abuse / misuse.

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    1. No high heat / humidity


    2. Defective battery? that's my guess



    1. On a few occasions (less than 5), laptop has been recharged when battery % was less than 10%.

    2. No to both questions.


    Bottom line... my battery issue is not normal & Apple should replace battery free of charge, correct?

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    guyg1964 wrote:


    (purchased new in fall 2013)



    Your Macbook is under warranty so make an appt and fill them in on all the specifics.



    as to final determination thats up to Apple Inc. and nobody here can or should tell you anything definite on final decision.


    especially since nobody here can on-hand diagnose your hardware.



    Make an appt. with your local shop.  

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    Thanks for your input, PV.


    I called Apple & seeked their advice b4 making an appt with Repair.

    One agent suggested i do an SMC reset (which i did) and another agent said my situation was normal.

    I'll monitor the situation. If other ppl have experiences like mine, i would like to hear from you, thanks.