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So I just wanted to make another discussion because it seems like all the other ones pertaining to the issue I am having are pretty dated. So for the past three days my iMessage is not working. It will send out my messages but then five minutes or so later will return with "message send failure". This is not only happening when I am putting messages out... when people have been trying to message me it does the same thing to them. I hit up verizon and they did the restore network settings thing and it seemed like it was working and then after I left it continued with the problem. When I got home I did the same thing except first I turned off iMessage and then restored my network settings (which is what some posts have said to do since ios 7). I am still getting the same result : message send failure. I don't have applecare so I am trying to figure out all of my options before I have to pay to speak to someone... because at this point I think its more of an apple problem rather than a phone carrier issue. This is obviously very frustrating because I love the iMessage feature... and would rather not have to send sms texts.

iPhone 4S, iOS 7.0.6, iMessage
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    iMessage needs Internet connection on both ends (cellular network or through Wi-Fi)

    Well, according to what you wrote Verizon network may be the problem.

    My daughter is also using the iPhone 4S with IOS 7.0.6 and she's texting like mad which I have to stop her using it after 9pm.

    You can make an appointment with the Apple genius bar for an evaluation.

    In the meantime, you can check whether the Apple iMessage server is down.