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I have playlists on iTunes on my Macbook Pro running Maverick.


I use iTunes match because I can't carry all my music on the 16 gig hard drive of my iPhone 5.


When I plug in my iPhone to my Macbook, iTunes pops up and does it's "synching" thing. Since I use iTunes match, I assume all my info - artists, playlists, etc - are duplicated, or synched with the cloud.


BUT, when I look at the Apple music app on my iPhone, some (not all) of my playlists are missing. They are on iTunes on my computer, but not on my the music app on my phone. Weirder still, this was orginaly a problem with only one of my playlists. But now, two of my playlists will not show up on my iPhone.


This is very frustrating, since the whole point of iTunes match is to have access to ll my music through all my devices whereever I go - right?

iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.4