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So, I have a series of videos that are in mp4 format and are inserted into itunes and are rigged to play using itunes.  I can find the videos in itunes under home videos, and they play in itunes with no difficulties.


I recently upgraded my phone from the 4 to the 5s.  I also own an ipad mini, an ipod touch, and an ipod classic.  I was able to put videos on my iphone 5s really easily, and they are fully functional.  However, this is not where I want to store the video as I do not wish to use my active phone, potentially draining the battery and leaving myself without access to a phone.  I want the videos on my other devices.


I have updated all of my devices.  I cannot seem to get the videos on my other devices.  Why can I not get the videos on my other devices?  WHY DOES APPLE NEED TO MAKE THIS SO BLOODY DIFFICULT?!!!