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I have an iPad mini that behaved perfectly until around the time I upgraded to 7.0.6, when it starting making me choose between Mute or Landscape mode.


If my iPad side switch is set to control the Mute option in settings, when I try to play audio the iPad is always silent. If I use the volume rocker the indicator shows the volume changeable from minimum to maximum, but no sound occurs when playing audio of any kind.


I can swap the side switch lock between active and disabled, and the mute indicator comes and goes, but still no audio in either side switch state.


If I set the side switch in Settings to control the Lock Rotation instead and restart the iPad, I don't have any problems with audio, but my iPad mini becomes locked in landscape mode.


If I swap the side switch lock between active and disabled, the locked and unlocked orientation icons appear, but the screen stays locked in landscape.


I don't want to reset the iPad as I have apps on there that are since discontinued, so are there any other options/fixes available? Or Is anyone else experiencing this bug?

iPad mini Wi-Fi, iOS 7.0.6