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I have an iPad mini that behaved perfectly until around the time I upgraded to 7.0.6, when it starting making me choose between Mute or Landscape mode.


If my iPad side switch is set to control the Mute option in settings, when I try to play audio the iPad is always silent. If I use the volume rocker the indicator shows the volume changeable from minimum to maximum, but no sound occurs when playing audio of any kind.


I can swap the side switch lock between active and disabled, and the mute indicator comes and goes, but still no audio in either side switch state.


If I set the side switch in Settings to control the Lock Rotation instead and restart the iPad, I don't have any problems with audio, but my iPad mini becomes locked in landscape mode.


If I swap the side switch lock between active and disabled, the locked and unlocked orientation icons appear, but the screen stays locked in landscape.


I don't want to reset the iPad as I have apps on there that are since discontinued, so are there any other options/fixes available? Or Is anyone else experiencing this bug?

iPad mini Wi-Fi, iOS 7.0.6
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    You can try resetting your iPad by simultaneously pressing and holding the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons until you see the Apple Logo. This can take up to 15 seconds so be patient and don't release the buttons until the logo appears.


    Try again to see if the problem persists.

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    Hi Alfred,


    Would that process temporarily remove my apps though?


    As several of my favourite apps have been discontinued in the App Store I wouldn't be able to re-download them if they were lost.

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    I didn't say a restore, which reloads a fresh copy of iOS. I said a reset which does not remove any data or apps. It's equivalent to power cycling your iPad - a reboot.


    That said, you should always download copies of your apps to a computer and keep them for just the situation you described.

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    I just needed to double check that was a soft reset not a hard reset.


    Cheers, I will try that now.