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Here's my dilema.


I have my iMac with all my personal stuff. I have an external hard drive that I have designated to Time Machine as the drive to backup my iMac's HD.


That works fine.


But I also have an external HD for Work documents, and I want to use another HD (Work Backup) to backup the Work Hard Drive to.


So I plugged my Work Hard Drive into my computer, and then plugged in my Work Backup Hard Drive into the computer, and went to Time Machine to try and make it just backup my Work Hard Drive onto my Work Backup Hard Drive. But it didn't give me an option. All it wanted to do was still backup my iMac onto the Work Backup Hard Drive.


Is it possible to set it up so...


1. iMac backups up to External iMac Backup Hard Drive via Time Machine


2. Work External Hard Drive backs up to Work Backup External Hard Drive via Time Machine

OS X Mavericks (10.9.1)