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I have no idea how some of these songs got on my phone. They have a red cloud with a black arrow pointed down (the normal cloud symbol, just red). I plugged my phone into iTunes and it doesn't show that they're on the phone, but clearly they are. I can't delete them from my phone using my phone. Help!

iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.6
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    You'll probably have to delete all your music, then sync it back using iTunes to fix this.  To delete your music, go to Settings>General>Usage, wait for the apps list to open, then go to Music, tap Edit, then tap next to All Music.

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    This worked for a bit. Not sure where and when but, opened my music up again and there all the mystery songs were again. What the heck?

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    Sorry but I've never heard of the red download symbol, so I'm not sury why they're back.  If you're an iTunes Match user, try posting over in the iTunes Match forum.  Maybe they know what this is.