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I have an Airport Express, purchased 10/2012, model A1392 (the Mac Mini mini-me shape). 17 months old, so out of warranty.

Started having lack of signal a few days ago. All devices in the house lose their wifi connection to the Express at the same time, so it looks the AE is the problem, not the 5-6 phones/iPad/laptops. The Express occasionally will put out enough signal for devices to connect, but almost immediately drops the connections.


Two questions:

Is this a known problem with this generation Airport Express?

Is there a fix?


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    Is this a known problem with this generation Airport Express?



    Is there a fix?

    If you haven't yet, I would recommend that you perform a "factory default" reset on your Express to see if this helps resolve the problem.

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    Even though the Airport Express' original warranty has expired, if you have an Apple computer (iMac, MacBook Air, etc) that is within warranty period, including AppleCare, Apple will cover the Airport Express. This is why it pays to get AppleCare on Macs. Having said that, you may want to try the reset as suggested by Tesserax. Another thing that came to mind is power: is the Airport Express plugged into a power strip? Sometimes older surge protecters can become unstable and cause "flickers" in power delivery. I've had this happen to me before.