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I've found quite a few people running into this problem on the forums: my bootcamp won't boot when there's a usb hub attached to my macbook pro.


Does anyone know of a USB hub model that will allow booting? I've tried 3 already and none work and I'm tired of disconnecting the usb hub every time I boot in bootcamp...




MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.2)
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    Your question is unclear. Are you trying to run Boot Camp Assistant and it won't run, or are you trying to boot Windows and Windows won't boot. If you are trying to run Boot Camp Assistant, remove the hub. You only need to run Boot Camp Assistant once. If your Windows won't boot with the hub connected, you have a different issue. Windows should boot.


    So describe your issue in more detail. Especially describe when you have the issue and what you are doing at the time it happens.

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    Original post says "won't boot"...


    Running Win7 under bootcamp. It won't get past the initial grey screen if a usb hub is connected to my MBP. Works fine if devices are connected directly or not connected at all.


    I've found quite of different threads on this topic here but none of them mention any specific brand of USB hub that would allow it to boot - that is what I'm looking for - a specific product that will hopefully make this work.


    For now the only workaround is to remove the usb hub while booting, then plug it back in when the system has finished booting, but I sometimes forget and then need to do a complete shutdown and restart...

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    For example, this post: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/2798563?start=0&tstart=0


    I found/read through about 10 similar posts but none of them have a solution...

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    So your title, "USB hub that allows bootcamp to start" is unclear.

    It is Windows, not Boot Camp that won't start.


    Your Windows should boot with a hub attached. I have a powered Uspeed 7 port usb3 hub and my Windows boots without issue.


    What brand hub? Is it a powered hub?

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    I tried the following hubs:

    - Dell monitor (powered)

    - Targa 4 port (unpowered)

    - dlink 7 port (powered)


    They all exhibit the same behavior.


    What I was looking in this post was someone running into this issue and what hubs fix their problem...


    It isn't the hub on its own preventing the boot, it's only when certain devices are attached through the hub...But the devices are not the issue, since system would boot if devices are plugged in directly (but with only 2 usb ports, that's not an option either).




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    What devices, keyboard/mouse? I have several usb drives connected to my hub and Windows boots fine.

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    Devices are typically one or two keyboards attached. A single keyboard is enough to trip it...


    For reference, the keyboards are a Microsoft Sidewinder X6 and a Kinesis Advantage...


    I have an apple keyboard, i'll give that one a shot as well to see what's the behavior.

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    I think the issue may be that When Windows boots it looks for a keyboard before it recognises the hub. It can't find a keyboard so it stops booting.

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    Hmm..don't think so...Having both of the keyboards plugged in straight without any usb hubs boots just fine. Also, it's a macbook pro so it has its own keyboard as well.


    And all the usb hubs are fully functional otherwise...