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    I'm having a unique problem with Mainstage 3.03. 3 times already happened. Amid a MUSICAM usually ringing with no greater overhead timbragem or any other event that requires more than macbook pro i5, some notes were sounding and only stopped sounding when I closed and reopened the Concert.

    How to use the system to play live, it's too risky that happen in the middle of a solo, which would be very bad. Is there any idea or way of preventing this from happening? In other versions it did not.

    One thing I realized after I migrated to the Mavericks is that the macbook pro is heating up more than usual and more often shooting the cooler. Could it be that the problem of firing a few notes on the Mainstage?

    I am using external coolers to keep the temperature a little lower and is helping a lot, by tracking what I did with some apps.



I am awaiting response.



Thank you.

MainStage, OS X Mavericks (10.9.2), MainStage 3.03 bug