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Is it possible to take an internal 1terrabyte drive, partition it 50/50 and then stripe RAID the two partitions.  THEN, mirror that RAID 0 to another external 1 terrabyte HD as back up.  Thanks

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    Why would you want to?


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    Cause I'm crazy lol. Faster read and write from my storage drive. I have an SSD running OS and apps. Thought a striped raid would boost rendering times for large image and video file edits. ??? Thoughts.

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    You'll need at least 2 physical drives to see a speed increase.

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    That will actually slow you down.  You have one drive with one set of heads but you're setting it up as two volumes that will be written to alternately.



    So the heads are going to be moving back and forth for every write greatly increasing seek time.

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    Ok, if I use to separate drives, will rendering times increas?

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    Not sure if you really meant increase or did you mean decrease?


    If you have two separate drives and you stripe them there could be some increase in throughput and some decrease in rendering times. But there are so many other variables in this that saying what you're real world results would be is impossible.


    I'm not a big fan of so-called RAID 0 (it isn;t really RAID). Setting up drives like this increases the chance of a catastrophic failure and the more drives striped the greater the chances of loosing all data. Remembr if one of the drives goes all data is lost.


    When drives were small and slow this made sense for some applications, video steaming mostly, and even then the general rule was this setup was not used to store the data, the data would be copied off as soon as practical.


    With today's drives I don;t see the (possibly) slight increase in throughput as worth the extra steps required to safeguard the data.