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So I have an iPod Touch 4th Generation.

And it's been dead for a while, like the battery has been dead.

I tried charging it, and then the USB cable pointing to iTunes music note pops up.

I know this sign for I have had iPods for years now and plugged it into my computer.

It then said it was in "recovery mode", and that I needed to "restore" it.

I hit the button to restore it, went through the process of accepting the terms and conditions, and waited for it to finish downloading the files it needed to download.

However, about halfway through the downloading process my iPod shut off.

I pressed the home button and the same sign came up saying "an iPod was found in recovery mode, etc"... but my download for the restoring process was still going.

So I waited until the download was complete.

At the end of the downloading process, another box showed up saying that it could NOT complete the restoration process because of a network connection timing out. My wifi is completely secure, and has a very good connection. I am not sure what it means by this.

I want to save my iPod but I do not know what to do!

Is it completely done?

Or is there still hope?!

iPod touch