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Can anybody explain when/how Pages 5.1 uses "author color?" No matter what I set as the author color, Pages picks a different color for the deletion/insertion text. Sometimes green, sometimes organge, etc.  It wouldn't matter except I have trouble seeing a couple of the colors clearly and several lines of organe text are near impossible for me to read.  I can't find any setting to fix this, anybody have any suggestions?


Aperture 3, OS X Mavericks (10.9)
  • picas Level 4 (2,595 points)

    I'm not sure what author color is. But if you are talking about the colour of the text you can change that by selecting the paint brush (Format). There will be a coloured box and next to that a coloured wheel. You can change the opacity by selecting the wheel.

  • picas Level 4 (2,595 points)

    I see what it is now. You don't have many choices about the colour I'm afraid, but why it changes what you've chosen I have no idea.

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    "Author Color"  (found in the far right Tracked Changes toolbar) is the color of the Commentor not the original author, who is the only one who can use black.  This happened to me when I opened an old saved Pages file.  For whatever reason, it did not recognize me as the original author.  I wish I could figure out why it won't recognize me, but once you accept all changes the type will go black.

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    It' that Pages will arbitrarily change the color of the changes, not the bar marking the changes down the left-hand side of the page. It will just, for no reason I can find, become orange which as I said in the OP I have a hard time reading. I've talked to Apple tech about it and frankly I don't think the tech believed me.There's this odd engineering mind set where once they say something can't happen, they no longer accept that it does happen. Generally called "motivated reasoning."

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    +1 this issue. Author Color affects the margin indicators but the inserted text itself is (in my case) a mustard-brown color with no apparent affordance to change it. I can't believe this is intentional design. It's also sad to hear about Apple support's "motivated reasoning" – no doubt putting Average Handle Time call-center metrics above customer needs. You know, like Comcast, et al. My motivated reasoning for not wanting this to be the design as intended is that I once thought Apple knew what they were doing design-wise. This app is amateurish garbage. Yes, I could do better. No, I don't want to live in Cupertino.