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My new iMac was working finr this morning. Then when I tried to link it to my MacBook Pro to migrate some files to the new iMac, I noticed an alert top right corner on the iMac telling me the USB link did not have enough power, when I disengaged the USB link, the fan in th eiMac went into overdrive and the screen went blank. I shut down at source and now I can't wake it up. Can anyone advise me what to do?


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    Please read the warranty paperwork that came w/your computer.


    You have 14 days to return the computer w/no questions asked.


    You have 90 days of FREE phone tech support on top of your standard 1 year warranty unless you also purchased AppleCare which gives you an additional 2 years of coverage plus FREE phone support.


    Strongly suggest that you take FULL advantage of the above before it runs out.  Let Apple deal w/the problems.


    If you DIY and mess up, your warranty will be VOIDED!
















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    Thanks BB, although it is 6m old and sadly out of the 90 day deal it is essentialy new as I have been overseas and not used it, so I would not be expecting a part failure, Apple quality is generally good that way. I was hoping someone might have had similar issue and there might be a quick fix, but probably I will have to hump it along to the neatrest apple repair centre.