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Have to start a new thread as mac seems to have deleted my previous one,


why is this mouse not working right? why cant I click with one finger then with two fingers and get the results they advertise?


why do I have to do 3 extra steps to a single step with pc's

iMac, I don't know, just know it *****
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    the bottom line is I am not finding the transition from pc to mac to be easy, and I am frustrated beyound belief.

    How much does in person tutoring cost, this is the only way I will learn, I am a visual learner. I will be honest I will vent at the instructor for a few minutes as I see them as the mac people who made it so difficult to understand.

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    The contextual menu is invoked by clickind with different fingers not both. It you find the mouse difficult then remember you can use any mouse you want. Just plug one into the USB port. But again, concrete questions get concrete answers. The folks who respond here are all volunteers. They're happy to help, in the main, but it may surprise you to know that your level of frustration is of no interest.

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    Welcome Moe!


    I had the same experience as you, but in reverse. I was a 100 percent Mac, user both at home and at work. We'd had Macs since about 1990. Then about 2001 a Windows computer got added to the two Macs I used at work. I was frustrated and confused, and the company did not have a tutoring program. I had to figure it out. Yes, I said some unkind things about Microsoft's ancestry and personal habits, but eventual I became comfortable in either computing world.


    I now maintain two Windows computer at a museum where I volunteer, being the only volunteer who can spell "computer" correctly 70 percent of the time!


    We don't know where you are so it's hard to recommend training resources, but one of the best ones world-wide are Mac USer Groups (MUGs). You can use this site to find a group in your area:




    If you find one, ask if someone with the group helps new users. You may find help is free. Go in with a willing attitude and you will find many nice people willing to help.

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    Thanks Allen, I appreciate your understanding, Devlin doesn't get it.

    Mr. (Spock) Devlin should go back to the enterprise I will check out that link, I do want to learn the system, I just dont know why I need to do three extra clicks to eject the drive when on a pc all you need to do is click in the lower task bar.





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    Terence does indeed "get it". What he's trying to point out is that just posting general complaints that it's "difficult" won't get you much of anywhere here since we won't know what to advise. If, however, you post specific questions, people here will be more than happy to help.


    As to the one specific question you've posed, you don't need to do three extra clicks to eject a disk. Just right-click (or control-click if you don't have your mouse preferences set to treat a right-click as the "secondary click") on the disk icon in Finder and select "Eject".


    I think much of your difficulty is that you're expecting the Mac to work as your PC did. I would suggest you forget how things were done in Windows and approach the Mac as if you were just learning a computer for the first time. You might find this information helpful:




    in particular the "Switching PC Habits" section.


    And again, if you have specific questions, by all means post here. Lots of people, including Terence, will then be happy to offer suggestions.



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    You may find these helpful:


    Switching from Windows to Mac:







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    hi! some of us understand your "annoyance", especially those who are relatively new to mac, coming from PC !

    But we also know that when you get the knack of it, all the bad blood will be gone. It DOES take time though.

    You write "three extra clicks to eject the drive":  what do you mean exactly , a DVD ?

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    bigmoe99 wrote:

    I just dont know why I need to do three extra clicks to eject the drive


    If you set up to show external drives on your desktop (Finder > Preferences > General > Show on Desktop > Check External disks (and any others)), then when you want to eject the drive, Left click and hold, drag the drive to the Trash where the trashcan will change to an upward arrow. Release drive icon on the arrow.  Drive is ejected in a SINGLE step.

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    Apple has information here that many PC switchers find useful and I strongly recommend this Missing Manual for PC switchers. Windows users get used to doing things a certain way and Windows looks and acts enough like the Mac OS that it is easy to expect your Mac will always act like the OS you are used to. Nope! I got hung up on some of the simplest things when I switched years ago.


    The folks here are mostly friendly and very knowledgeable but to get the best and fasted help be sure to ask specific question. "This computer frustrates me" doesn't tell us what's wrong and as someone here once quipped, "Since I'm not sitting in your room looking over your shoulder, I'll need a bit more info."

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    Glad you added that. While i was away for a bit, I thought of the FInder prefs too.




    Once you do what Strawb268 suggested (looks like this):


    fibder preds Mav.png


    any mounted drive will be visible on teh desktop. In addition to dragging to the Trash, the way I do it is simply right-click the drive to be ejected to get a contextual menu:


    Screen shot 2014-03-12 at 9.15.15 AM.png

    that includes the "Eject" option. For me, that is faster than when I'm in Windows.

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    Sorry, response to bigmoe


    right-click may also mean "Control"- click according to your mouse preferences


    P.S. oh yeah, old trick when you get really mad...reset your SMC ...Shut everything off and have a good night's sleep over it all !

    Works !