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Hello all.


I recently purchased iTunes Match for the very first time back in February around the 19th of 2014.

Initially, all of the songs in my library seemed to have synced in the cloud and everything was working great; until I tried playing my music.


The song I had chosen, played roughly in length for 30-40 seconds and then audio output completely ceased; all while the music progress bar and seconds continued to run. I thought maybe it was an issue with my wifi as my internet at home is not the best, at which point I decided to try my carrier's LTE network connection-the problem still occurred.


So I took the forums and upon doing so, noticed I wasn't the only one experiencing this problem. I have read most if not all of the suggestions offered and the problem still persists.


Yes, I have and have had the latest version of iTunes prior to purchasing iTunes Match.

Yes, my phones firmware is up to date as well.

Yes, I did a complete factory reset and setup(as new) on my iPhone 5.

Yes, I turned on and off iTunes Match within the iTunes Store.

Yes, I selected update iTunes Match.


And even after all of that, my songs will not even show up within my music library on my iPhone now; unless im on wifi....?! lol smh!


At this point im assuming the problem is due to Apple's negligence and complete and utter lack of care for the service it offers to its customers.


As with all Apple products and services, the intention behind its use, is simply the ease and almost seamless integration of user experience and technology; but quite frankly it LACKS just that!!!


This has been the most annoying issue to deal with so far as an Apple customer, as really I love my music and would like to access it at any point at the "touch of button."


If this issue isn't resolved SOON-Apple, consider this guy opting out of the service and quite possibly losing me as a customer all together....smdh!


Does anyone have any other suggestions for these problems or know of any new developments in the resolution of these issues?


Thanks in advance! :-)

iOS 7.1