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I live in two timezones and go back and forth often so I use the timezone support in Calendar app for Mavericks and on my iOS devices and it's quite useful. However, one thing about it really stinks, imho.


I cannot find a way to hide the timezone information associated with individual events in the month view of the Calendar desktop application. This redundant and superfluous information results in the truncation of the event information, which *is* important to me.


For example, instead of an event in month view being displayed as "check amex payment", as it was before I enabled timezone support, it now says "check a... 3AM GMT+7". Since every event has this appended timezone information displayed next to it the month view of my calendar has become much less useful than it was previously. I don't really need to know how many hours ahead of GMT an event is, I pretty much just want to know what the event is and on what day, in the month view. Now I cannot tell what any event is unless I open it in in week or day view. Very frustrating.


If anyone knows of a way to hide that information in the month view it would be greatly appreciated to post it here.


thanks Apple Community!

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