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I can't fix it when there is no volume, if don't know why but it just stops the volume, I try to adjust the volume using the volume buttons. But they don't work like they don't show up and there is still no sound, I scroll up from the bottom of the screen to adjust the volume that way, there is no volume thing. I try on music app, other apps, video, safari, podcasts, lock screen. Everything. Please help, I haven't done anything like I haven't dropped it or got water on it or dirt or knocked it or anything it just randomly started happening. It's iOS7.0.6 although it started happening just a few days ago when I was on iOS 7.0.4 I tried everything it still did not fix the volume, it only works when it wants to. So I tried restoring and updating, and it still didn't work. I've tried rebooting, restarting


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iOS 7.0.6