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after upgrade my iPhone 4S to iOS 7.1 I have no Wifi, after wake up from sleep!! It takes several minutes until it workes proberly again. I was yesterday already in the Apple store and they made a service install of iOS 7.1, where the complete iOS was installed new instead of just updating it. Also the settings menu is not reacting during this time. somtimes the complete iOS is not reacting. If this occures only a hard rest is solving and then the Wifi stack is working well until is sleeps again. Then the problem starts again.


Does anyone raised already a ticket at apple or has a solution? A downgrade to 6.1.3 is not possible/allowed, but this would help.




iPhone 4S, iOS 7.1
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    I had the same problem and these are the steps I used to fix my wifi from not working.  I found this on the net so this is not mine.  I did 1-3 and then mine started working and so far so good:


    1- iPhone WiFi issues? Reboot your device!

    Well, I assume most of you have already tried that but in case you haven’t, simply press and hold the power key along with Home button until you see the Apple logo appearing again. If it solves the iPhone WiFi issues, congratulations. You had it the easiest way!

    2- Reset network settings:

    Resetting network helps in some 60 – 70% of cases suffering from iPhone WiFi issues. Go to Settings > General > scroll down to Reset, and then tap on Reset Network Settings. If you are on a secure network, it will ask you pass keys.

    3- Check router:

    Perhaps the issue is not with your iOS 7 updated device, but your internet connection? Before proceeding to the next fix, make sure your network is working fine and so is the router / modem. Try same network on your other devices to ensure that it is working fine.

    If all is good with network and network equipment, proceed to the very last option.





    4- Restore iPhone – Gah!

    If you don’t seem to solve the iPhone WiFi issue using any of the above checkups, final resort is to reset your Apple iPhone. Resetting Apple device sort of cleanses your device so it will come out all clean and error-free like new.

    To reset your iOS 7 device, head over to Settings > General > Reset, and tap on the Reset All Settings. You can also reset your device from iTunes. The option Restore iPhone will show up once you connect your device with the computer.

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    Hi Collardgreen,


    i tried already all these thinks without success. I will have again a date on Monday @Genius bar in Munich. Let's see what they say.


    I will share the outcome here



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    Hi, I have the exact same problem with my ipad of one year past...


    Before, 7.0.6, no problem at all with my wifi ipad.


    With 7.0.6, the wifi won't activate some times and few times, yes...


    I make the 7.1 update to try to correct this problem but now it's happen all the times and I can't activate at ALL the wifi with the description : "Wifi not available"


    I already tried to restore my ipad, reset network settings, reset settings... With my android phone, I can connect to the wifi without ANY problem so the ipad is really the main problem


    What can I do more ?


    It seems we are a lot of guys experiencing this problem...

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    Just updated to 7.1 and now have wifi probs.

    Says the wifi is "not connected" but the switch is in the on position and green.

    Then I get  Safari can not find a sever. Plus it appears my battery is draining faster as well.


    Its stinks and is so frustrating when you run this risk of taking one step forward and three back when these updates are offered.

    What to do ??

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    I had the same problem and I tried too already all these thinks without success.

    What can I do more ?

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    I am having the same problem. And I need a proper solution. And of course device restart is no ******* solution!

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    same problem here with update on iOS 7.1 on iPhone 4s. Event complet reinstall from scratch didn't bring WIFI back. I hope Apple is already working on an emergency patch.

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    Hey.. Me too having this issue... It feels like thw whole world stopped without Wi-Fi in iPhone. Apple, please fix it soon.

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    I updated my son's school iPad this morning, and I am having the same problem. Can no longer connect to wifi. I've tried the suggestions in the thread with no luck. Please correct.

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    FYI, I was able to get wifi working again by turning off the MAC address filter on my router.

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    Same thing here with iOS 7.1 on iPhone 4S. Once it sleeps, it loses wifi connection. Takes several seconds to reconnect once you wake it. Therefore, no wifi connection while sleeping means no iCloud backups, no app updates, etc.  really annoying.

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    All my other devices are able to find and connect wifi except iPhone 4s after doiung ios update to 7.1


    Really want Apple to resease a hot fix soon to fix it.

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    It is unbelievable what Apple continues to break.  They DID NOT fix the wallpaper issue on iPad and they BROKE wifi sync.  Apple simply cannot do this.  Their code continues to suck.  Badly.  They are rocketing back to becoming crapple and they are giving the market to Android.  UNREAL.

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    Apple is no good


    Immedaitely after install of 7.1, my battery which lasted almost the entire day, suddenly last a couple hours. 


    Also, immedaitely after install, the phone keeps telling me that my Apple ID is wrong.


    Apple is no good.

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