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everytime I use the keyboard the iphone starts freezing and legging, with no reason. Just updated to ios7.1. Anyone has any kind of solution for that ? already restarted the phone 5 times, and the problem still unsolved. Hope it wont keep going for so long.

iPhone 5s, iOS 7.1
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    Hey andoliv,



    Thanks for the question and great troubleshooting so far. If your issue persists after restarting your iPhone multiple times, let’s try a full software restore of your device. Don’t forget to backup your data before doing so:


    Choosing an iOS backup method (Should I use iTunes or iCloud to back up my iOS device?)



    Use iTunes to restore your iOS device to factory settings






    Matt M.

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    Thanks Matt,


    I have the same problem. iPhone 4 on 7.1 freezing. Did restore, lots of free RAM (13 bg), but freezing/hanging reoccurs, interestingly not immediately but only This seems always to be when using contacts either from the home screen or from within the phone app itself.


    So it is contacts related. Always on the second keystroke.


    I have toggled off notifications and gestures to see if this makes any difference but it has not.


    I have exactly the same problem on my iPad2 and iPad4 so it is not the device.



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    I am seeing the same issue on both my iPhone 5s and my iPad Air after updating to 7.1 so I doubt it can be a processor issue. I have also seen both devices have a long lag when trying to wake them from the lock screen; it can require several presses of the home button and up to 5 seconds before either device will turn on its display.



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    Hi, I have a lot of problems with freezing on my 5s since 7.1 also.  I have to do the 2button reset several times per day because the phone will become frozen and completely unresponsive for very long times.


    I've ready some other forums with the same types of issues.  This freezing makes my 5s worse than the original iphone would feel as far as speed.  The chip is so much fast now, but the old iphones Never froze for the most part.  It's just too bad.


    Thanks for the advice on doing a restore.  I should, but I tend to dread restoring.  Something always comes out weird.  I should do it though.

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    I read that the lagging can be fixed by going to settings/general/reset/reset keyboard dictionary and resetting that

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    Just a curious question.  Are you using Yahoo Contacts, Hotmail/Outlook Contacts, Google contacts, or iCloud contacts?  In other words, are your contacts stored in the cloud?  If so, the delay could be when your phone connects to your account to refresh the information contained in the address book.  iCloud shouldn't cause the issue, but the connection to the other three 'Might'. 


    Just a thought.