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After I updated my iPad 4's OS to 7.1, I started experiencing a problem related to the animations when the reduce motion setting is enabled.


The app switcher animations are gone. Whenever I use the 4-finger gesture to open up the app switcher (I'm referring to the the screen that lets me switch between the apps that are currently open), the device freezes for 1-2 seconds and then the app switcher suddenly pops up, without any animation. After it is opened, the touch input doesn't work for another second. The same thing happens when I select an app from the switcher to open it. It simply waits idle, then opens the app suddenly without animations, after which the screen becomes unresponsive to touch input for about a second. As far as I know, the correct behaviour in those cases in iOS 7.1 is fading in and out and the screen should have been responsive the second the animations are done.


Have anyone experienced this? I've seen only a few people mention this problem on the web, so I'm guessing that this doesn't happen to everyone, even though I have no idea why. My iPad is not jailbroken and I didn't have any problems with it until now.


I hope that Apple can find a solution to this because it certainly seems like a bug to me.

iOS 7.1