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So I have a bit of a problem.


On the computer I'm using right now, my laptop, I have access to iTunes Match, a service I never subscribed for. At least, I think I have. I can see all of my purchases even though I haven't downloaded most.


However, on my desktop computer, I cannot see anything in the cloud unless I go to the iTunes Store and look at my Purchased songs.


Is there any way for me to see my purchases on my desktop computer's library or will I eventually have to subscribe to iTunes Match.

Windows 7, Laptop has Windows 8, desktop 7
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    I don't think you have iTunes Match unless you have subscribed to it. What you are seeing will be itunes in the cloud. You go to menu >store > tick show purchases in the cloud.


    You don't need to subscribe to iTunes Match unless you want your non itunes purchased music to be available in the cloud.