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After i updated to ios 7.1 my iPhone 5s is glitchy, slow and freezes once in a while, does anybody have the same problem? Its not as smooth as it used to.

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    I have the same problem and cannot find a solution.  Some articles mentioned to disable the animations under Accessibility, which does disable the animations,  but the phone is still slow to respond, no changes on that front.  I feel like I now own an Android phone its so bad.   The most apps take a while to load completely and sometimes the top bar, with cell signal, time, and battery, is empty and eventually shows up with the normal stats.   Typing on the keyboard has delays,  and the sounds from key presses are heard well after the word is typed in fully and displayed on the screen.  I erased my keyboard dictionary as another troubleshooting step I read somewhere and issue remains.  I have very few apps on my phone and zero games.   I created this forum account today just for trying to fix this issue.  I believe I jumped from IOS 7 to 7.1 with no intermediate steps (skipping the recent SSL bug fix release).



    Please Apple,  let us downgrade the firmware.  There are obvious bugs with this verison.

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    I never had any issue with my iPhone but upgrading to 7.1 has put me in deep sh*t freezing touch screen every now and then. I even completely reset to factory default but no use and I have 50GB + data and it's such a problem that I can't help my self :( I wish I ad not upgraded :(


    Need help

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    So far easiest way out for me as when iPhone is non responsive just lock phone and unlock it helps but if u have pass code or touchID then it's trouble and I had to disable my pass code to keep it bit usable but it's too much trouble right now please provide an update :(

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    I just disabled the "Frequent Locations" feature under Settings->Privacy->Location Services->Frequent Locations.  I think my device was waiting on GPS lookups upon using the phone after a short break.


    Hmm, nope the Messages app still waits for a bit before opening,  but I think there is a small speed-up.

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    Try this:

    Go to Settings - Notification Center and disable the following options:

    - Today Summary

    - Calendar Day View

    - Reminders

    - Stocks

    - Tomorrow Summary


    I'm trying to find which options makes the screen freezing occurs.


    it works fine for me on iPhone 5S with iOS 7.1


    Apple, please fix this.

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    I am using iPhone 4S.  Under iOS 7.04 everything was working fine.  Now that I have updated to new 7.1 version, I am finding that the overall phone speed as been degregated.

    • Some times when answering the phone, you select to answer or swipe, it seems to hang up the phone.  I end up missing the call.
    • Some times when I try to hang up the phone, it does not hang up right away.  The phone appears to get stuck, you hear voices on the other end, but the call has not dropped.  It takes a while for the call to drop and free up the phone.
    • Typing is slow.  As you type, it does not show right away, only after 2 to 4 words have been typed then it will show all those characters.
    • Internet browsing is slow.


    I mostly use the phone for 3 things - Making/Receiving calls, Texting, and Internet browsing.  I don't play apps.


    This is NOT a jailbrake phone, it's as original as it can get.  I am hoping a fix is put into place.  I have really lost faith in Apple's way of iOS upgrades.  This is my 2nd regret in upgrading to new iOS.

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    Has somebody found a way to fix this. These problems are really annoying me! I bought a premium phone so I don't get annoyed by using something that lags all the time.

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    I don't think there is any fix coming soon.  They are probably working on getting the new iOS working for the upcoming iPhone.


    Apple isn't paying attention to this either.  Last time I upgraded the result was battery drain took a hit, cellular connection getting dropped, the AT&T bar generally used to be 3 to 4, got reduced to 2 to 3.  An update came few months later, and this was a secondary issue to them, as their upgrade I think targetted mostly security.


    I think Apple need to send strong signal to Director of iOS development, like they did to the guy who left after iPhone 4 came to the market with improperly positioned antenna.  Apple did not acknowledge that earlier, but with lot of noise, started to give advise to people to hold the phone in a different manner, and something to do with the cases.  Then soon came the 4S where they rewired & position the antenna correctly.  The guy who was responsible was canned in a very short time after the public noise.


    Every update in iOS, there is always a f**k up to something important.

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    Restoring my iPhone fixed all problems for me. Hope this helps you guys as well.

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    Restoring my iphone 5s also fixed the issues for me.  I was hesitant to do a complete wipe and restore at first but I am so glad I did.  Simply create a backup of your phone using itunes,   restore the new iOS image to your phone (which wipes out all data, settings, contacts, apps, etc) ,  and restore the backup from itunes.   I have not looked back since


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    So, is there anyone else with a suggestion that is easier than reloading from start. This is just a huge undertaking for me as I cannot connect to ITunes with this device. Sadly some of us in the Goverment cannot attach our devices to a PC. I can reset it and restore it but I have to do it all manually.


    I cannot believe that they do not care about correcting this. Oh well maybe it is time for the Galaxy or something new I think my happiness with Apple is waining. Seems they want to put the money into Beats and DR. Dre than fix their mess.

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    You can try a Reset All Settings reset.  Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.  You will have to go back in and turn on or off anything you changed in settings from the factory defaults when you got your phone.  You will not lose any data or content.  You will just have to reset the settings you have changed including your email.  It will reset it to Push rather than Manual/Fetch if you turned that off.


    If you can't connect your phone to a computer/iTunes this is your best option. Especially since it sounds like you did an over the air update.  I feel for you.  OTA updates seem to cause problems for a lot of people.


    I have a company supplied iPhone 4 and we are lucky in that we can use iTunes on our computers to backup and update our phones with.  It runs great on iOS 7.1.1.  It even seems to be getting better battery life then on 7.1.