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Roudoudou Level 1 (0 points)
I have read for quite a while that Powerbook have overheating battery problems. Though it never mentions 17 inch Powerbook G4.
For the past two month, my Powerbook G4 17 inch is overheating a lot. The battery is very hot and I even have a dark spot on it, like a burn mark. The back of my cpu is overheating as well (where the little screws are), and of course the whole space between the battery and the back of the cpu.
So my question is: is there an exchange program for 17 inch battery, are they other people with 17 inch Powerbook with the same problem?
I can hear the fan (I guess it is what it is) coming up sometimes...could it be that the fan is not doing its job?
Thanks for any info

Powerbook G4 17 inch, Mac OS X (10.3.9)
  • BGreg Level 6 (17,495 points)

    When your system is running hot, have you launched the activity monitor, located on your hard drive in applications/utilities, and noted if anything is taking an excessive amount of the CPU, like 20% to 100%?

    If you haven't already, you might run the Apple hardware test to see if it points anything out to you. On the original OS X DVD that came with your system, which says AHT Version x.x in small print on the DVD, insert it and reboot, holding the option key down. Choose Apple hardware test and follow directions. Does that tell you anything?
  • mroach Level 1 (0 points)
    My 17" Powerbook has heat issues too. Not as bad as Roudoudou's but it gets extremely hot after about 15-20 mins of use. Its always on a hard, flat surface when in use to help airflow.

    Per the advice given, I've checked the Activity Monitor (fine) and am running the Apple Hardware Test. I'll post what the results are when its done.

    Both the battery that came with the computer and the one I purchased three months ago get extremely hot. The areas around the keyboard and trackpad get hot as well.

    I've been watching the news today about the batteries in Dell's catching fire. They did mention that IBM and Apple use the same type of batteries. Is this the problem?
  • mroach Level 1 (0 points)
    The Apple Hardware Test said everything was okay.
  • leftj Level 1 (0 points)
    Just wanted to chime in that my PowerBook G4 17 inch battery is overheating as well. Not all the time. It has happened on three different occasions over the last three weeks. I generally leave the the machine on and do a restart every couple of days or so.
  • Roudoudou Level 1 (0 points)
    Hi Greg and thanks for your time answering me.
    I have checked the Activity Monitor (learn a new thing today! LOL!) and everything is normal. Run the hardware test and everything is normal.
    I am positive that it comes from the Apple batteries (I have three and get the same results!). Something must be wrong considering Apple has an exchange program for 15 inch Powerbook and such. I was expecting an answer from Apple but so far nothing!! See the problem is that I bought my laptop when I lived in the US and now I am in France (and my three years Apple warranty has expired). I have already changed the power supply three times! Yes you read well: three times it died! Now it's getting really hot very quickly (and I monitor it with the Temperature Monitor (freeware). I have like a black stain (burn stain) part on the Powerbook, part on the battery.
    Dunno what to do anymore!!
    I also have an Ibook 12 inch and today it is completely frozen. Cannot do anything with it and yesterday the Power supply begun to do the blinking thing (one time orange, one time green) described by other people on this forum. I will try a hardware test on the Ibook later see if it says anything. Tried already to boot it without the battery, with the battery and the power supply, with the battery luck!
    I really think Apple do have a major battery problem on their hand and hope that there will be a battery exchange program for the 17 inch Powerbook as well as a Power Supply free replacement! One can dream! LOL!
  • randysdrums Level 1 (0 points)
    i had the same problem with mine, but it resulted in Apple replacing Everything inside except the harddrive. wiring, logicboard, heat sync all melted up due to the heat.
    Mind you, mine powerbook was only 3 weeks old, of course i screamed up and down, all Apple did was fix it.

    still runs hot
  • elionline Level 1 (15 points)
    My 17" Powerbook has had heat issues since I bought it. I wonder why the recall program doesn't cover 17".
  • Louie B Level 1 (0 points)
    It seems like I have overheating problem as well. I has happened on several occasions, and I got concerned when I heard about all the battery issues that other companies are having (including the 12" and 15"). Why not the 17"?
  • Hardy Geer Level 4 (3,165 points)
    The 17 doesn't use the same cells in it's battery.
  • Earl Gray Hot Level 1 (0 points)
    I have a PowerBook G4 17" and it gets so hot it burns my legs, leaving red welts. I called Apple tech support and they told me that I'm not supposed to use my laptop ON MY LAP.

    Even so, if it's running off the battery, it gets extremely hot even on a flat surface. By hot, I mean I have to pick it up by the edges or with an oven mit.

    The thing scares me.
  • wishitworked Level 1 (0 points)
    My PowerBook also overheats to the point that I cannot let my wrists touch the surface while typing. The case will burn them! The case is not just warm: it is very hot. I shut it off to let it cool, then reboot and continue working.
    This is not a way to work on a computer. I have also contacted Apple Tech Support to ask for help. The reply is to buy a stand to raise the laptop further off the surface to let more air under. I made a raised stand. The problem continues. After reading in this forum, I have removed the battery and now the computer operates without the extreme heat problem.
    When will Apple take us seriously and replace the battery with one that doesn't overheat and cause a fire hazard.
    I am very frustrated with this machine.
  • jlg1985 Level 1 (90 points)
    I've owned five (5) 17" PowerBook G4's!

    I've had PowerBooks since I switched from PC's after nearly twenty years ago in September 2004. I have yet to experience one single problem with any of the FIVE (5) PowerBooks I've owned to date. I've sold each one in order to upgrade to the next generation.

    Not a single problem, NONE! Including ANY heat related issues.

    Perhaps the reason is I have an aluminum notebook cooler since day one. The iLap from Rain Designs ($79.99 @ the botique) is an aluminum notebook cooler precisely matching that of the PowerBook itself. It comes in all sizes of PowerBook and MacBook Pro, 12" (now discontinued), 15" and of course a 17".

    There no fans in this cooler rendering it silent so you won't need to occupy a USB Port as most other notebook coolers do.

    The entire aluminum surface of the PowerBook and the entire surface of the iLap makes it one huge heatsink in their own rights. The iLap comes with two padded velour "bumpers", one for the swivel stand located on the bottom and the other is a removable wrist pad on the front which is removable. The purpose of the velour wrist pad to aid in preventing carpal tunnel syndrome.

    The whole purpose of the iLap is the provide a better user experience and to provide a silent cooling which therefore will improve the efficiency of the notebook and in turn improve the productivity of the end user.

    The iLap provides a natural incline to enhance proper posture while using the PowerBook and it dissipates the heat across it's surface evenly allowing the PowerBook or MacBook Pro to run cooler. Lastly, airflow is allowed to naturally flow freely underneath and around a PowerBook or MacBook Pro itself.

    I have three (3) batteries and rotate the usage of each to wear them evenly. I'm satisfied with every PowerBook I've owned because they are simply the pinnacle of notebooks and you know what - you have to take care of them and give the attention they need to run smoothly.

    What's the purpose of all this, it's far more productive to take care of your investment than complaining as each one of you are doing. There is a simple solution to your "problems" just go a find them and quityour bellyaching already.

    Of course each and EVERY battery is going to cause some kind of heat, why, it's simple - it's a form of energy which comes from a power source providing even more energy - electricity!

    How could it be that some of you have horrible luck and the rest of us don't. Grow up and stop your whining and deal with it. Apple would've recalled any and all faulty batteries because of one simple fact, becuase of people like you.

    Imagine any harm happening because of this God forbid then we'd all see you lined up sueing Apple for negligence and seeking damages.

    This company sells incredible HIGH QUALITY merchandise not some plastic piece of junk like Dell. Who else has an aluminum case? Only since Apple released the PowerBook a few have have sprung up but that is because just like Microsoft after the release they all ran to the copying machines and attempted to duplicate this incredible piece of technology.

    Stop your crying and if you can't deal with it, sell them and rid yourself of your problems and get out of our forums already!
  • Curiousity Pig Level 1 (5 points)
    I have the same problem my powerbook is overheating and feeling the burn if you put your finger close to the side between the edge of keyboard & screen. I bought my powerbook 17" G4 couple years ago at the time is the most expensive notebook ever. I wonder why Apple don't offer us exchange for the battery .... coz' we pay more I think they have to do exchange for us first. Anyone agree of what I say.....????
  • MobeeL Level 1 (0 points)

    The whole point of the forums are to find out answers to your problems--thats why Roudoudou started this thread. I came here trying to find out the technical specs for how high the heat tolerance is for my powerbook...and I see you trying to make a fool out of a customer who has a simple problem. If apple batteries and computers weren't horribly deisgned you wouldn't see people being set on fire would you?

    This is a link to a Local Minnesota news station with video of an iBook on fire in the driveway. Do you really want to take a nap with that machine on your lap now?

    Your suggestion to get a laptop cooling pad was great, I've had my powerbook for 3 years, and the cooling pad has been a great help. I do 3D animation and graphic design-- my Powerbook gets too hot to touch because apple wanted to make the case look thin and cute, which kills all of the airflow. In addition- they contracted battery production out to Sony-(Rootkit?!!!) who is definitely out to screw their consumers.

    Jig, maybe you haven't had any problems because you have had 5 different laptops in the last 2.5 years? Maybe you haven't had any problems because you only use your Powerbook to answer email? At any rate, you should have stopped with a simple suggestion to alleviate heat, you have no reason to be such a condescending corporate tool.

    Roudoudou-- you may want to leave the activity monitor on in the background while you are using your computer. I find that it usually dips to no activity when i am looking at the Monitor interface, but spikes up unusually high as I surf the internet- esp if i have multiple tabs open. I am in design school, so I use my powerbook from 10 to 20 hours a day some weeks, and my whole class is having heat issues. You are not alone. Apple has made a great product, the problem is that they have not taken that extra step to make it safe and valuable in the long run.

    Powerbook 17"   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  
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