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i would to bring up a very big qustion why haven't apple made a app that alow you to turn on your iphone/ipad from your laptop/or computer if this app is made less people would have to buy new iphones ond ipades you can turn it on from your computer and find it this could be a follow up app to the find my iphone this way if it dose get stolen or turned off and u cant find it you can turn it on a located it faster apple you really need better minds steve really you are starting to slack off

iPad 2, iOS 7.1, when you lose your iphone/ipad you
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    1. Find my Phone already exists for both iPhone and iPad to assist in locating lost devices.
    2. How in the world could you "turn on" a dvice that is off, and has no cellular or internet connection.



    bmurder500 wrote:


    steve really you are starting to slack off

    You do realize Steve Jobs passed away over two years ago, right?

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    If the iPad or iPhone is turned off, it would be impossible to turn it back on remotely. That's just not possible. If the device is off, the radios and all the rest of the circuitry are all off, so a remote system can't talk to the device to give it any sort of commands.


    Steve Jobs died more than two years ago, by the way.