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I would like to "clean up" my Safari bookmarks collection, but I am not sure which version would be treated as "authentic" by iCloud.


I'd like to do the clean-up on the iMac (this then would be the "authentic" version). But how to avoid that the messy versions, which are still on the other devices (iPhone and iPad and my wife's MacBook), will be "merged" with the authentic version, rather than just plainly deleted and overwritten with the authentic version?


Thanks in advance for ideas/suggestions/solutions!




P.S. Why are these bookmarks NOT visible if I log into the iCloud from the web? I thought this was the whole idea about the iCloud, that you'd have all your data, like contacts, calendars and bookmarks available, even if you logged in from another computer!?!

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), iPhone 4S with iOS7
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    If you are already syncing Safari with iCloud, then you should have the same set of bookmarks on all devices. Any changes that you make on one of them will be propagated to the others, replacing whatever is already there. You can't see your bookmarks on the iCloud website because that feature has not been implemented by Apple.