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I have an Apple Pro keyboard ( the one with a numeric keypad on the right side) for an iMac and a wireless mouse. Using the keyboard is VERY confusing. There are many documents and lots of pages on the different key combinations to use for different functions but I could not find one clear document that explains what certain keys do and/or show how to accomplish certain functions...  I am a a very frustrated new Apple (formerly Windows) user astonished that I company that is supposedly delivering user friendly, easy to use products provides a keyboard that one cannot figure out.


1. Page Up and Down in Mail


I have some imported mailboxes with a few hundred Emails which I have to mark "read". I could use the Page Down functionality to quickly highlight all messages in a mailbox but could not locate anything that actually works. Apple's document at http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5636?viewlocale=en_US indicates that pressing 9 (with Num Lock off) provides Page Down. Num Lock appears to be the Clear key. When I tried to press Clear it deleted messages and no combination worked with 9 ...


I tried all other suggestions from other discussions but nothing worked.


2. The Clear key


I'd appreciate an explanation of what this key is really supposed to do in different applications.


3. Print Screen


Apple's documentation tells me that on my specific keyboard I should use F14 to accomplish this. This doesn't work. It appears that one has to press 3 keys (shift-command-3) to accomplish this. What happened to the one key Prt-Scr key? Is there a key (or can one assign this function to an unused key) to make life a little less "sophisticated"?  Is there a way to know which keys are not assigned to any function?


A pointer to an up-to-date document (which provides info that actually works) would be greatly appreciated.


Mac Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.1)