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There is an event that opens up each time I open iCal on the iMac.I get a message, "The Server Responded with an Error" followed by the event.  I copied the info from a Facebook post to create the event, but I can't seem to delete it or get rid of the event; iCal is frozen and I have to forcequit each time. There is no trouble on my iPhone, iPad, or iCloud. I don't know how to find this event file to delete or clear it out. I've searched under .ics files, but they are all from 2013, seems nothing from this year.


Any suggestions?



iMac (21.5-inch, Late 2013), iOS 7.1
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    Disconnect your computer from your internet connection.


    From the  Menu, select Force Quit...>Calendar.


    Paste this text ~/Library into the Finder>Go>Go to Folder...window and select "Go." This will open the Users Library Folder.


    Then open the Calendars Folder in that Library Folder, and move any any files with "Cache" listed in the name field to your Desktop.


    Next open the Preferences Folder in the same Library Folder, and move the com.apple.iCal.plist file to the Desktop.


    Log out/in or restart, and open Calendar.


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    Thanks for the help. I can now open iCal, but my calendars are wiped of all content. Can't seem to get iCal to add my iCloud account. Any suggestions?


    PS - I couldn't find a preferences folder in the library folder.

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    If you found the Users Library Folder using the directions that were previously posted, you should find a "Preferences" Folder in that Library.


    Can you view your calendars on iCloud.com?


    If your events are listed there, go to your iMac>Calendar>Preferences...>Accounts>Account Information...and uncheck/check the "Enable this account" selection:

    Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at  Mar 31, 2014 19.36.52 .png