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I have updated to Final Cut 10.1.1 but existing projects from previous version will not update and are not available.  Have tried to re-install Final Cut as well as bring the projects to another computer which has the update, but they still will not update.  Has anyone else encountered this problem and is there anyone who can assist?

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    In the Finder take a look at the path where your old projects and events are stored. They should be in Final Cut Projects and Final Cut Events folders respectively. Those folders need to be in Users/user/Movies on the boot drive and/or at the root level of other drives for FCPX to see them.


    If that's indeed the case, then you should be able to get them updated ny using the Update Projects and Events command form the File menu and then clicking on Locate.



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    Thank you for the reply.  When I went into Finder, the folder "Final Cut Projects" is grayed out and won't allow me to drop the old projects into it.  Is there anything I can do to change that?

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    Also, I cannot even find the project files on my hard drive.  It's like they all "disappeared" after I did the 10.1.1 update.  I'm really concerned I've lost all of this content.  Is this a problem that can be corrected?