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I've just tried to sync my iPhone 4 to my laptop, and for some odd reason, the symbol to show it's connecting appeared and then just went away without syncing or doing anything. I've updated iTunes and my iPhone is at iOS 7, even my iPod touch (4th generation 8gb) isn't connecting, it doesn't even get the symbol appear.


My phone used to just get plugged in and it woud pop open my pictures and transfer them to my laptop without a problem, but now it won't and it even says on my laptop, that there are no pictures on my phone even though I know there are, as well as a lot of new ones. For anymore detail, I'm using windows 8 and have been for a while now without any issue before, the cable I'm using works fine (when connected to the plug it charges my phone without problems). I've no idea what the problem could be, it just suddenly happened. I try to sycronize my two devices at least once a month and nothing has changed in the past month on either device, including my laptop. I'd be extremely greatful if someone could help or at least point me in the right direction to solving this odd problem