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I recently just purchashed Itunes match because I thought it would be a great thing to use on my Iphone considering I have a 16G Iphone 5s and around 47G of music.

All was fine until my phone notified me that I was low on memory. I didn't realise that everytime you played a song through Itunes match, it would automatically download it onto your device (even if you were skipping the song on shuffle).

I was just wondering if there was any way that could be turned off so that there would be no music downloaded on my phone. I thought the main reason for Itunes match was so your music wasn't taking up space on your devices. If this is the case, the fact that a song is downloaded automatically every time you listen to it makes no sense at all.

If there is no way to fix this, there should be. This is ridiculous Apple, and I wouldn't have subscribed to the service if I knew I would have to download every song anyway. (Especially because it's a huge pain to go through and delete the songs off your phone)

iOS 7.1