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How do I back up files and reinstall original disks on my Power Mac G-4 (yr. 2000). I know that sounds basic but I have very few techno skills. So please "talk down" to me. I had a newer PC (2005) but the hard drive crashed and I am trying to resuscitate this old mac until I can afford to buy a new one. I am in the middle of writing a book (based on Steve Job's life) and must have SOMETHING to write with. Anyone have a better one they can loan me? I am in Maine on the coast. BTW this machine seems to have trouble reading or formatting most CD-disks. Can anyone recommend a type and brand that works well with this model? Thanks for any assistance anyone can render. Here is what I have:


Machine Name:          Power Mac G4

  Machine Model:          PowerMac3,4

  CPU Type:          PowerPC G4  (2.9)

  Number Of CPUs:          1

  CPU Speed:          467 MHz

  L2 Cache (per CPU):          1 MB

  Memory:          768 MB

  Bus Speed:          133 MHz

  Boot ROM Version:          4.2.8f1

PowerMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11), is running VERY slowly