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I have an iPhone 4, and I accepted the update yesterday to iOS 7.1.


I now seem unable to get my Calendar app to display as I want it to display, as a list of events through which I can scroll.


I can get it to display a whole month with dots under each day number that has an even in it, and if I tap the icon to the left of the magnifying glass one at the top the icon becomes a solid square orange button and I see the events of that day underneath the whole month display, but I cannot get the whole month display to go away and just have my scrollable list of events back.


Looking at various help sites online suggests that, if I do as I describe above, the icon I tapped should change to a slightly different one, and that tapping that icon should take me to a true list view. But in my case that icon doesn't change; and tapping it simply toggles it between being a solid square button-icon that shows the month view with a day's events underneath it, and being text-only icon that shows the month view without the day's events underneath it.


Can anyone please explain where I'm going wrong please? I would really like to get myself back to a true scrollable list of events.


The full version number of my iOS is 7.1 (11D169)