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I recently got a new mac (went from a 2009 Lion imac to a 2012 Mavericks imac) and i used time machine to do i (time machine is also encrypted/passworded) All is well.


I use an external 2TB hard drive to store data on and i had set this drive up on the 2009 imac formatted with a password which is saved on my keychain.


When i upgraded everything transfered ok but the time machine drive asked for password, i entered it and again no issues. The 2TB drive however (i turn it off when not in use) didnt ask for a password at all, it works fine but it no longer requires a password?


The other issue i had recently was the fact that randomly when turning the drive on it DID as for the password, which when i entered it... it was wrong? even though it is entered correctly 100%.  I then turned the drive off and on again and boom it works, without asking for a password.


So i need to know if its password protected or not! how?

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.6.3)