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I've done my back-ups and am trying to install Windows 7 (so that I can subsquently run native version of MS Word 2010 for windows).


I have my original install disc for Snow Leopard (10.6.3) but apparently, Bootcamp is already on my HD.    So I click that on and follow the steps.


And then I get this error:


The disc cannot be partioned because some files cannot be moved. 

Back up the disk and use Disk Utility to format it as a single Mac OS Extended (Journaled) volume.  Restore your information to the disk and try using Boot Camp Assistant again.


Previously, before discovering that Bootcamp had been downloaded (or maybe I originally installed it with the rest of the system?) I tried downloading the software from the Apple Support page but got this:


First the notice that:  "Downloading Windows support software" was occuring.  And then this error message:


Download could not continue.

The Windows support software is not available.


Strange.  And I'm not sure what to do next?  Reformat my HD from scratch and do a clean install of everything including the OS 10.6 from the 10.6.3 install disk?


I've got:


A Macbook Pro 5,5 Intel Core 2 Duo/2.26GhZ (Mid-2009)


Bootcamp 3.0.4 (325)



And want to install Windows 7 Home Premium and Word 2010 for Windows.


Suggestions on how to proceed, and esp. if you've ever come across any of these errors?



Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    open disk utility, do you have more than 1 partition? boot camp will only run if you have 1 partition.


    or, it is finding something that it doesn't like even with 1 partition hence the error.


    i've only seen it once myself, on a drive with 1 partition, so i had no choice by to clean reinstall OSX and go from there.


    IIWY, i would reinstall OSX, then open boot camp assistant and try to install Win. once Win was installed, then i'd go back and copy my Mac files back.

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    Do what the error message is telling you to do. You likely do not have enough free contiguous space on your drive.


    The support software is not available for download is correct. The Windows support software for your computer  is on your Snow Leopard installation disk.

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    Thanks to Bobthefisherman & Turbostar.  Turns out I've got a corrupted disk (which I found out via "verify disk" on Disk Utility First Aid.  Previously, I never thought to verify disk -- only to repair permissions -- so I never knew my HD had been corrupted.


    Wasn't able to do a clean install of OSX10.6 because my SuperDrive only sporadically will load discs, so I am taking it to the Apple Store to see if they can do a clean install, and depending upon costs, get the Superdrive replaced. 


    The HD wasn't partioned by the way.  And I did have just over 40GB of contiguous space. 


    Thanks again.