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Dictionary icon showed up on the Desktop. Whem moved to Trash, Dic Icon in Finder becomes unresponsive.


What now?

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
Solved by weirdwilbur on Mar 23, 2014 7:02 PM Solved

I agree that the Genius Bar should be my next stop. That is the one with the sliderules, right? Thank you for your patience. The piece on Trash and Delete is pretty well understood and of more value than I expected it to be. Thank you!

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    Do you have one in your Applications folder?   Does it have a tiny curly arrow next to it.  


    Can you transfer the dictionary icon onto your desktop.   If so, does that have a tiny curly arrow.


    I suspect you have trashed the original and that is why the one you still have will not respond.


    You can get the original back easily if you have Time Machine.

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    Have you emptied the trash?!

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    Yes, a functional Dictionary icon is in Finder. As to moving it to the Desktop, what is the approved method? Drag and Drop? Copy and Paste? Something to do with Alias? I assume I can move it improperly and cause additional problems. In any case, there are no curly arrows to be seen. I'm pretty sure I've never seen one. There had been an unresponsive Dictionary icon on my Desktop, with no curly arrow. It taunted me and made rude gestures in my general direction so I dragged it off to the Trash. The icon in Finder then failed to respond until after I whined for help. Now it works fine. Don't know why. I think I need to reload the OS because this 4-gig mini is using only half of its storage space and is Much slower than I can think and I'm 70. I've got a 3200 Lacie and I think my Time Machine works with it, I guess. They are hooked up and running and that's all I know about them. The instructions are written for folks who already know their stuff. Undefined jargon just puts me right off so I don't bother to guess at the real meanings. User friendly was just an idea that some of us had when we were stupid. Dictionary is now working, so thank you for your time.

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    Trash is a mystery to me. The same file names are repeated 50 times or so and I didn't send them there. And, they all remain on the Fiinder list. So I tried to empty it but 25 or so failed to disappear with the 'empty' command. In three or four days Trash had refilled itself with all my sacred stuff with no commands from me to go there. I expect my machines to just lay there quietly until my hand is at the controls. But this machine has its own agenda and I have no idea how to discover what that might be. All my files and photos are in Trash in Many multiple copies. It's bazaar. An experimental printout showed thrree or four pages per file and hundreds of files. I stopped the experiment after a dozen pages or so. I suspect that until I get a control solutiion, I could easily loose everything in the machine, regardless of whatever LaCie is up to. Behold! I got your user-friendly right here, baby! If they would just let me die I could get shut of this business. Ain't I old enough? Clearly, I've not suffered enough. But, hey, thank you for your time to try to help.

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    1)  the curly arrows question was to determine if they were aliases 

         you say none were to be seen, so I am assuming the Dictionary that you dragged to the Trash was not an alias


    2)  Your statement about the Trash alarms me.  Do you have any automatic processes on your computer that may be creating updated files or duplicates?


    3)  Does Dictionary appear in your Dock?  Does it now work?  In what way was it not working before?

         I ask this because:  if it wasn't working before when you tried to click on a word in a document and get a definition, this may be because the previous time you used it you quit from it instead of closing.  Dictionary is aberrant in this respect, always close windows instead of quitting.  (Don't do this for anything else!)

         But if Dictionary wasn't working before when you clicked on it in the Dock, it may have been because the alias link was broken.  (The icons in the dock are essentially aliases.)



    I suggest that you look at some file (or files) that appears multiple times in the trash in this manner:

         -  open a new Finder window on your desktop  (click on an empty place on the desktop and press command-N)

         -  ignore the contents of the window, but type the exact name of the file in search bar at the top of the window

        for example let's do this for Dictionary

         -  you should now have a Finder window filled with everything on your computer that has the word 'Dictionary' associated with it EXCEPT for the ones in the trash

         -  refine this by clicking on the buttons 'This Mac'  and 'File Name'  ... you should now only see the ones that actually have 'Dictionary' as part of their name




    For Dictionary you should have one, identified as an Application under Kind.  If you click once on it in the list, the path bar should show that it is in the Applications folder.  (If you cannot see the path bar at the bottom of the finder window then go to the View menu and select Show Path Bar.)


    If you do NOT have a Dictionary in the Applications folder, then drag the copy out of the Trash, make sure it is Kind=Application, and drag it into the Applications folder (open a new Finder window, click on Applications in the bar on the left of the window, now drag the Applications icon into this folder).


    For other items in the Trash, in the Search results window if you have too many results you can refine your search by clicking on the + underneath the search bar and adding more search criteria.  I suggest you do this for files that appear in the Trash but that you do not recall trashing and that are important to you.  If you cannot find an up-to-date copy of them elsewhere on your computer, then you need to rescue them from the Trash.

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    What a gift. Thank you. I will be at this for a bit but I'm on it with glee.

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    My present hilarity has a normal-functioning Dictionary in the Dock, which I now Close rather than Quit. (Thanks for the secret tip.)


      The external disk is a Lacie d2 Quadra.


    A Finder Search for Dictionary shows Dictionary Folders of 9/1/13 at 21 identical entries.

    Dictionary Folders of May 19, 2007 at 2 entries

    Dictionary Folders of Dec 10, 2013 at 2 entries

    3 entries for '10. TextEdit and the Dictionary' of Dec 29, 2008

    And four entries for the Dictionary Application (with the standard icon) shown for today 3/23, and 3-20-14 and 12-10-13 and 3-26-11.

    My intellect is such that I can ill-afford to delete any dictionary ever. Trash contains files that I Have deleted as well as more than 20 copies of many other files that I have Not deleted and remain where they should be, but with all these copies of them in Trash as well. Most can be deleted from Trash, while others refuse to be deleted. The deleted files simply re-proliferate of their own accord in a week or so, which makes me suspect the Lacie. There are no viable instructions for the LaCie and English is a difficult second language for their two-person call center. No viable help there if you don't speak the language.


    And my Mac mini 4-gig 2010 machine is, otherwise, working properly in every way unless I am short of time. It runs Slow in some processes and remains fast in others. My impulse is to reload the OS, increase the RAM to 8 gigs, and decommission LaCie.


    Please talk me out of it.

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    There are some automated tasks that put things in the Trash, but I am surprised by the numbers you are finding.  As long as you have the most up-to-date version where it should be, that is the big thing.


    You may have a number of autosave copies being made of things you are editing.

    You may also be accidentally copying things.


    Someone else will have to help you with the things that won't delete from the Trash.


    Adding memory often will increase speed.  I have no advice to offer on whether you should reload the OS.  But I do have advice if you decide to go ahead with it:  Make an appointment with a genius at the Apple Store and have them do it for you!  It will be much faster, and you can show them what is happening with your proliferating files and the trash.


    In fact a visit to a genius might sort out a few things for you.  It is much easier to figure out what is happening when you can see the machine then when you are guessing via messages.  Also Apple stores often offer free lessons which you could investigate.

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    This is the best guide to trash problems >>>


    You can't empty the Trash or move a file to the Trash


    And this is a good app to help remove stubborn items.


    Solving Trash Problems

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    I agree that the Genius Bar should be my next stop. That is the one with the sliderules, right? Thank you for your patience. The piece on Trash and Delete is pretty well understood and of more value than I expected it to be. Thank you!