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I have two phones one iPhone 5 and the other one is 5s, my contacts is not syncing the 5s to the iCloud, all other devices are synced iPad and MacBook Pro. It became inconvenient to manually enter any new contact to the iCloud, your help is appreciated!

iPhone 5s, iOS 7.1
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    You might have luck in the iPhone community. I’ll ask the hosts to move your post there.


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    1.  Make sure your Apple ID is correct when you go to Settings > iCloud on your iPhone 5S.  If it is not sign in to your Apple ID.


    2. Make sure contacts is toggled ON.


    3. Make sure contacts is toggled OFF in other servers you might use for email like Outlook, Yahoo, Google and similar.  Have a look account by account in Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > each individual mail account. Syncing with more than one server some times creates conflicts.


    That should be enough to sync your iCloud contacts to the iPhone, provided your iPhone is connected to Wifi or cellular data.

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    If you do this, you have to cancel or delete all the contacts form those other email accounts.  I have the same problem between my iphone and icloud account and thus my ipad and it just began.  Before a week ago, they synced up fine with all the other email accounts contacts set to ON.