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Can you help me to check warranty of Magic Mouse with serie: CC232530JZRDFFGA8?

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  • seventy one Level 6 (13,296 points)

    The warranty of a magic mouse is 12 months from the date of purchase.   Your receipt proves the qualifying dates.   Apple no longer requires you to register accessories.

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    I bought a new one in Malaysia at Oct 2013, My Magic Mouse had problem right now (I'm in Vietnam now) and i cant find the invoice of Store in Malaysia, so Can I bring it to Apple Care in Vietnam to be warranted?

  • seventy one Level 6 (13,296 points)

    Then it is still under warranty.   Phone the Malaysian store, they may be able to provide a duplicate.   Did you pay by credit card or some other recorded means.


    I'm not sure what the store would do, attitudes and service varies in different countries.