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This problem seems to happen when an event is made with Lotus Notes (8.5.2) is sent to me via email. After I accept the event I become the event organizer and emails are sent out to all the other attendees by me.


Looking at the original CalDAV event in Textedit I can see that the event has an organizer listed this way. ATTENDEE;ROLE=CHAIR;... However, once the event is brought into Calendar that person's status in the event gets demoted to ATTENDEE;CN="FIRST LAST";CUTYPE=INDIVIDUAL;PARTSTAT=TENTAIVE;ROLE=REQ-PARTICIPANT... Looking at the imported event Calendar there seems to be no organizer listed which could be why I become the organizer. A sort of default behaviour.


Has anyone seen this behaviour or have any suggestions for me.


Much appreciated.

Mac mini, OS X Mavericks (10.9.2), Calendar Version 7.0