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First time Mac user.   I need to transfer files from a PC that may be infected with malware.  Any precautions I should take to prevent infecting my new machine?

MacBook Air
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    I just worded my search another way and came up with some helpful answers here https://discussions.apple.com/message/18935523#18935523


    Still need to know if an infected Office document file would cause problems for other Office files on new machine.


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    I doubt they would hurt your mac but if you mail them to windows friends, you could infect them.  Your question is probably better for window users who have dealt with maleware that attaches to .docx or .xlsx or .pptx files.  Your question is a really good one.


    If at all possible, clean them while on the PC first then transfer.

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    Thanks. I spent the last 3 months trying to clean up my PC. I have no idea where the Malware is hidden.  Tried everything.  It's one of the reasons I finally switched to Mac. In any case, I saved them on a DVD  for future reference.  Since most are not active docs I'll probably just leave them there rather than risk future problems.


    Thanks again.