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Transitioning from MS to Mac. Have 10,000+ photos, organized by year taken and also albums with copies of select photos(many cropped/enhanced). Would like to import all to Mac, burn DVDs by year with all photos taken that year and albums with select photos. Then only retain on the mac the albums ie delete the year taken folder with all the photos.

Appreciate guidance on easiest process.


Mac Pro, iOS 7.1
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    Hi Bill, it should be easy, but honestly, I wouldn't trust it to iPhoto at all.


    Are the years in different folders? If so just File Share & copy the folders over, then get GraphicConverter has a powerful Browse Folder function, & many tools for manipulation, & you can keep your Pics wherever you want...



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    Thanks. Yes each year is in a folder (actually other folders within years as well)

    To confirm you suggest I bag Iphoto and use Graphic Converter much as I used similar progarms in MS?

    Then I would import all to non Iphoto, burn the DVDs, delete the year folders and just use my select albums (folders)  ??

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    Yeah, GC allows you to keep the pics & folders the way you wan't.


    On Import... GC allows you to view the folders without any importing, in fact you can do the whole drive, then do much from there, like dragging to a Burn Folder, even deleting if you wish...