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When I first purchased iTunes Match I didn't really understand what it was. I ended up putting it on my iMac's library that is filled with random songs (9,500) that are mislabeled, no artwork, wrong album, etc.


After putting up with that awful library I found all the good music I had on that iMac and put it on a clean iTunes library on a Mac Mini (1,200 songs). So my Mac mini now has a prime iTunes library, but I want it to replace my existing iCloud library.


I've gone through the steps of first deleting the songs from the iMac from iCloud and from the computer. I then deauthorized that computer, and turned off iTunes Match. When I went to the Mac mini and signed into iTunes Match, it scanned the library and did the all the processing steps. Once completed it said I had 9,500 songs availed in the cloud. I thought they had been deleted from the cloud by the other computer.


I've given it time. I've done the 999 song limit at a time and updated iTunes Match after each one (on the Mac mini). No matter how many times I have done it or how long I wait it still says I have 9,500 songs in iCloud after I update my iTunes Match in the settings. I've even tried doing one album and waiting for a day and then updating iTunes Match and it was still there.


I'm hoping I can get some help because I don't want to go back to apple care with 3 hour phone calls!


(I also asked if they could just "nuke" my iTunes Match account so I could start over and they said that's not possible.)

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Don't select update iTunes Match. Just delete tracks from the cloud.



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    But if I don't update it, when I turn on iTunes Match on my iPad or iPhone they'll still have all the 9,500 songs.

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    I have the same problem as LilHobbes. Jim, I've deleted songs from the cloud and not then selected to update. Left it for about six hours, but when I then went to iTunes Match hoping for a library with 0 songs in, it is still telling me I have the 5000 that I had previously deleted.


    Any other suggestions?





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    Turns out, I went back to my iMac and turned on iTunes Match again. Once I turned it back on, it did all the steps and had even more songs available on the cloud. I tried the 999 song delete and then did the update iTunes Match and the songs went down! So I'll continue to try and get it down to zero, but I guess going back to the original computer works!