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I am a first time user of an Ipad2 and it is driving me mad!!  I have an itunes acount and have used this for ages to download tunes etc... to my PC (Windows 7).  I can download music from iTunest to my iPad ok - no surprise there it is iTunes (music)!  But I am trying to download my digital photographs on my PC to my iPad (one of the main purposes of purchasing it).  I have looked at http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4236 but it doesn't work.  I click on my ipad on the RH side of the iTunes and then it says under Music I should see a photo TAB - I don't.  I am conneting via USB but also have a WiFi link ok.  I must admit as an ex UNIX user and regular Windows user, the Apple/iTunes/Ipad scheme of things is driving me crazy.  Can some one lead me through this proces step by step.  How does it see the folders/albumns on my PC etc...

iPad 2, Windows 7