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lost all data when i installed os

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    That might help a true mind-reader, but us mortals need details as to what, where, how and the rest.


    Of course it is best to have two backups before hand, clone your system and use TimeMachine.


    What OS? What Mac? what type hard drive device? and where.

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    If all your files are missing

    You may have logged in as a different user, such as Guest. Open the Users & Groups pane in System Preferences. Your name should be at the top of the user list, under Current User. See also this support article.
    If files are missing from one folder
    Change the Finder view mode; for example, from icon view to list view, or vice versa.
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    For those with no backup, see this tip:




    For those with a backup, what type of backup do you have? 

    How full is your internal hard drive before installing the operating system, and how big is it?