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webb15 Level 1 (0 points)

All of my Podcast subscriptions and content suddenly disappeared from my iTunes library and from the Podcast app on my iPhone.  Checked iTunes to make sure it's running the latest version of software, and it is.  Music library appears to be OK.  How do I fix this and get my podcasts back?

Windows Vista, iTunes upgrade/reinstallation issue
  • jackzero Level 1 (0 points)

    I just logged onto my Mac Book Pro to see if i had any new Photography Podcast that I subscribe to, plus a lot of others. Not only did i not have any updates, ALL of my Podcasts have been deleted from my iTunes Library.

    Where did they go ???????? This is extremely vexing to me. WTH

    Anyone else have this issue in March ?

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    Just noticed, same problem. Podcasts have been screwed up since either Mavericks or iOS 7, I can't remember which anymore. All of my podcasts on my MacBook have disappeared, and I guess because I just synced my iPhone, they are al gone on there too. They were definitely on my phone before syncing. I am getting tired of having to redownload all of my podcasts.


    Sorry, I have no solution.

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    99 percent of my podcast just disappear from iphone and itune.

  • hscoggin Level 1 (10 points)

    This just happened to me this morning. I sat down to update my podcasts, and discovered that every podcast I was subscribed to that had any recent episodes (I'm thinking since the first of this year, but no way to tell a definite date for sure) had disappeared. When my iPhone synced, they disappeared from it, as well. I looked them up in the iTunes Store podcast directory, and had to resubscribe to every one of them. And some of them only make a limited number of old episodes available in iTunes, so I've lost some without ever getting to listen to them.


    *** Apple? This is nonsense!

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    Just happened to me. in iTunes.  Everything up-to-date everywhere.  Worked fine yesterday. I did not find out until I tried to do a sync with my iPhone 5.  now it's podcasts are wiped too.  At least I still have my subscriptions, but I've lost all my history of what has been heard and will have to hand-download the older ones (if I still can).

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    I've had this happen with increasing frequency, it's to the point that I can't use iTunes to load my iPod anymore.  I keep updating and running iTunes to see if it's been fixed but just this morning I found podcast Armageddon with only a few survivors.  I've switched to Media Monkey though it has issues as well (frequent crashing) but at least it leaves my files alone.